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B e a u t y i s w i t h i n .

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I dedicate this to all the girls, torn, misguided, confused; beautiful with, or without makeup.

This little girl told me, "I have to wear make up so I can be pretty like the other girls." I don't know what made it more sad. Her believing that, or her mind being conditioned to think that's the truth.

If you wear makeup you are beautiful if you keep your natural face you are beautiful. Society portrays this image that the girls on the cover of magazines are the only ones beautiful, NO! That's not even their natural face. Some of the most beautiful ladies I know wear NO makeup. Side note: your actual beauty comes from within — letting your light shine.

“A beautiful person is one who is capable of being the best version of themselves inside and out”

We were fearfully and wonderfully made. There's nothing wrong with make-up. If you are wearing it for the reason that it's fun, you like it that's fine.

You shouldn’t wear it because you feel like you would be considered beautiful, or pretty because you have that on. That's a problem.

Natural beauty is the best beauty any woman can have. Don't get caught up in hiding behind make-up.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”

Understand makeup should not be a scapegoat for you to cover up what God made.

You need validation from no one.

You are beautiful!

Love who you are, embrace your imperfections, accept everything about you, please no one, love the way you look; most importantly, love yourself with, or without makeup.

Beauty is within.

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