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G o d i s w i t h m e .

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Often times, I

Can let my thoughts get in the way

I’ve learned to strive for change

And fight fear because demons are closer than they appear

I️ remember,

The enemy would whisper false truth

I️ knew to pray and rebuke

But a whisper can sound good and feel nice


I let him hide in my mind

And corrupt the pure

became somewhat unsure

of what was fiction

Because I️ allowed false truths to

bear existence

I️ was scared,

I️ felt cold naked and bare with a Bible in my hand

My truth didn’t fit me

So I️ declared a new beginning

I️’d no longer allow fear to guide

my mind

I’d deny fear the chance to settle again

because it creates doubt within

failure to outweigh - my desire for success

was only a test

Reminded of Psalm 23:4,

God is with me

Written by Chanté in collaboration with @s.g.writ

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